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Dental Check-Up

Dental exams are the most important part of the dental care we provide. They are crucial in our ability to prevent or stop any disease from progressing. It is important to come in on a 6 month or annual basis to ensure your best health.

Dental Assistant

Teeth Whitening

Drink a lot of coffee or have staining? We will whiten your teeth, and utilize advanced techniques and technology to achieve fantastic results. Come in today to find out how we can brighten that smile!

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Implants and Oral Surgery

One of the best replacements for natural teeth are dental implants. They have been proven to last many years and help restore your mouth to function and great aesthetics with minimal to no damage to other teeth. Call us to find out of if dental implants are the right course of treatment for you.

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Root Canals

In pain but scared of coming in? Don't worry, we are here to take care of you. When a cavity has progressed to the point of it entering the nerve of the tooth, a root canal is advised. If the decay is left untreated, it can irreversibly damage the tooth. Root canals sound scary but they allow us to save your tooth and get you out of pain

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Cosmetic Dentistry and Veneers

Veneers are the perfect way to help fix your smile with minimal drilling. These can include composite and lab-fabricated porcelain veneers. We also offer Lumineers! Contact us today for a consultation.

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Periodontal Treatment and Laser Cleaning

We want to help you maintain those beautiful teeth and preserve that smile. Coming in for regular cleanings and periodontal evaluations will help ensure we catch anything early on. We use the advanced technology including lasers to help achieve the best possible result.

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We use the best and latest material to help fix those cavities and restore your teeth like new

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Crowns and Bridges

If you have missing teeth but can't afford implants, don't worry. We have a way of replacing those missing teeth, as well as fixing cracked/broken ones. Come in today to find out how we can help.

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Dentures and Partial Dentures

Through this and other services, I’ve cared for numerous patients throughout my career as a Dentist. To me, nothing matters more than your health and comfort, which is why I’ve put in so much time and effort into advancing my medical practice and techniques. Please get in touch to schedule an initial consultation.

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